Country Configuration

Basic configuration

Property Value
Publish Host
Host secure protocol true
Country Selector Link France
Show as alternate hreflang true
Theme schwarzkopf
Buy Now Button provider swaven
Adobe Target ID
Use Bazaar Voice
Bazaar Voice Production Environment
BazaarVoice Client Name
BazaarVoice Site Name


Tracking Configuration

Property Value
GTM Page Group sk France
Google Analytics Property ID

Swaven Configuration

Button Text
Swaven WTB ID 58a5d438ee031e4417cc6e6e
Language fr-FR
Button Text Color
Button Text Color (Hover)
Button Background Color
Button Background Color (Hover)
Button Border Color
Button Border Color (Hover)
Button Border Radius 0
Text Color
Cart Icon Color

Site Verification meta tags configuration

Provider Id Site Id
google-site-verification MD7fSiu9Rr4X72tWp0lCuhFE-8Ij9Hog8e9QdbyzB_A

Live Preview Configuration

Live Preview version configuration

  • Version 1 is for DE
  • Version 2 is for US

Selected Version:

Disable Product Brands (show shades from current brand only): false

Perfect Corp API Configuration

  • perfectCorpID:
  • perfectCorpApiKey:
  • country: (should be automatically based on country we are - BE help here)
  • disableAPI: false


  • Promotion Text:
  • Promotion Image Path:
  • Promotion Link:
  • Hide Product Button: false